Lotus Landscaping specialise in private gardens in and around Bristol. The gardens range from small courtyard gardens to larger country gardens. Lotus Landscaping works closely with the client to ensure that the finished garden meets all clients expectations.
Lotus Landscaping are equally capable working on formal and contemporary designs, as well as designing gardens based on a specific theme e.g. Japanese, Mediterranean, Cottage, Exotic etc.
Lotus Landscaping provide a personalised service, working closely with the client to ensure the design meets and exceeds expectations. We start with an initial consultation, during which we discuss your ideas and the options available.
After the initial consultation Lotus Landscaping produce design sketches (usually three). The sketches explore different themes, ideas and possible layouts for the garden. We then meet for a second consultation to discuss the sketches.
After a second consultation Lotus Landscaping can produce a detailed scale drawing of the proposed garden (although this is not always required). In addition Lotus Landscaping provide a quotation for the cost of the job and Lotus Landscaping will provide an estimate of the project time scales.
All gardens are realised to a high standard, with great attention to detail. Lotus Landscaping source the best quality materials and wherever possible try to recycle existing materials. Lotus Landscaping are competent in paving, gravel, turf and decking.
Planting is designed to be a complementary and principal element of the garden. Lotus Landscaping draws on in-house and external horticultural knowledge from qualified horticulturalists. All plants are of excellent quality and are chosen to suit the soil, aspect and client tastes.